In the state of Florida, real estate licenses fall into three main categories: Sales Associate, Broker, and Broker Associate. Here’s how they relate to Multiple Licenses and Group Licenses:

  • Sales Associate License: This license permits individuals to engage in real estate transactions, but they must work under the supervision of a licensed real estate broker. They do not qualify for multiple licenses but sometimes are issued group licenses under an owner-developer.
  • Broker License: Brokers have more experience and education than sales associates. They can work independently and also supervise sales associates. Brokers can hold multiple licenses, meaning they can operate in multiple capacities, such as a broker for their own brokerage and also a sales associate under another brokerage. 
  • Broker Associate License: This license allows individuals to work as real estate brokers but under the supervision of another licensed broker. Broker associates can also hold group licenses under an owner-developer. 

In summary, brokers in Florida can hold multiple licenses. Sales associates and broker associates, on the other hand, can only be issued a group license under an owner-developer.