What is the process of getting your Florida Real Estate Broker’s License?

Step 1: Submit a state application to the DBPR.

In order to apply for a Florida Real Estate Brokers License you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency
  • Have been an Active Sales Associate for at least 24 months within the past 5 years, with a broker, or approved government agency.
  • Be able to answer questions regarding any criminal background if such exists

Where to begin:
In order to apply for your real estate broker’s license, you must first submit an application that will include questions regarding any criminal background if any exists. The application will also require the DBPR to complete a Criminal Background Check for any new applicant as well as require you to complete the fingerprint-scanning process (for applicants from another state).

  • You can begin applications for your Florida Real Estate License with the Florida DBPR (Department of Business Professional Regulation) at the link below!
    Click Here!
  • You can schedule an appointment to complete your fingerprints with Pearson Vue by clicking the link below!
    Click Here!

Step 2: Take and pass the required 72 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course with Edgewater Real Estate Academy.

In order to be eligible to take the Florida State Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam, you must first successfully complete a required 72 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course online or through an in-classroom course. Edgewater Real Estate Academy conveniently offers our students the 72 Broker Pre-Licensing Course online or in the class depending on your preference, time, and schedule.
* Edgewater Real Estate Academy is a licensed and state-approved provider of Real Estate Licensing Education*

Use the links below to register or find out more information about course content & pricing!
Click Here for more information about our Online course! Click Here for a complete schedule of dates for our In-Classroom course!
Course Requirements:

To successfully pass the required Broker Pre-Licensing course you must:

  • Receive a passing grade of a 70% on the final summative exam.
  • Students can not miss more than 8 hours of this course for any reason as per state requirements (Missed classes must be made up within 30 days of the scheduled course completion)

Step 3: Take and Pass your Florida State Real Estate Broker Licensing Exam!

Upon approval of the application, Pearson Vue will send an approval letter to the applicant notifying them if their application has been accepted or not. (Any denied applications will provide the reason(s) for being declined and can be appealed by contacting the DBPR.)
Applicant must then score a 75% on the state examination to become licensed.
You can schedule your State Exam with Pearson Vue at the following link!
Click Here!

Edgewater Real Estate Academy Also offers additional resources to help our students pass their State Exam on their first try! Our value-added packages include discounted access to additional resources such as the ones below! Check out supplemental text materials in our Bookstore

Check out our additional Online Test Prep Course
This exam prep includes 6 mastery and fluency-based testing lessons and 6 exams both covering hundreds of questions on national and state-level content. The program is professionally designed to give you an interactive learning experience that will help prepare you to pass the state licensing exam!
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Check out our Online Math Masters Prep Course
Math Master offers real estate math problems often found on your exam and provides you with clear and concise explanations. These math tips will also be helpful in your career in real estate. Master real estate mathematics with ease!
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Edgewater Real Estate Academy would like to congratulate you on your decision to become a Florida Real Estate Broker and wish you the best of luck!

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