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“ The classroom had a great energy. All the students engaged in the material and found it very interesting. Maria was a gem. Her ability to explain all the concepts and policies helped me understand everything.”


“ I enjoyed the class. Small class size made it easier to communicate with the instructor and students. Maria is a great teacher, thoroughly going over all materials and instructions for the class. Would definitely refer to a friend. My only suggestion: get a bigger board or a second board or a second board.”

Louie G.

“ What an Amazing Experience I had taken the real estate course with Maria. The class was very small so we felt like we had VIP service. Maria is an excellent teacher, going through all the information with the class until we fully understood. If you are looking for a reliable, welcoming, and an amazing learning experience, then you have to try Edgewater Real Estate Academy. ”


“ The classroom is very nice and comfortable. The instructor is an unbelievable teacher with a great charisma”

Sara Shea

“ Excellent training! At this time in my life is not easy to go back to school, but at the academy, the instructor (Maria) made it fun and easy to learn. Great job! Recommend it 100%.”

Allan B

“ I took Edgewater’s summer 3 week Frec I course and I would highly recommend it. Maria is an Excellent Caring Instructor. She explained the material very well and clear and made sure that everybody in the class understood everything. She made the class interesting & fun. At the end of he course we all felt sad that it had to end. But like anything you need to study and study & study. Passed the course test and state exam on first try. Thanks Edgewater and a special thanks to Maria.”


“ This was an amazing and interesting class. I learned a lot from an amazing human being. I definitely recommend this course and all.”

Richard H.

“ Great experience!!! Group was very small, classroom very nice and the teacher (Maria) very good; attention was very personalized and nobody was left behind. This is one of those "7 day courses" BUT you get the week-end off so it goes from Monday to the following Tuesday. Trust me, classes from 9 - 6 PM every day is brutal so by Friday you are barely thinking and the W-E off is a necessity. If you are planning on taking one of those Monday to Sunday courses I would recommend you give it a second thought and call Edgewater instead.”


“ Amazing facilities, great environment. The instructor was the best. She explained all concepts in a fun way that made it easy to understand. The class was constantly interacting acting and participating”
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