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Our Instructors are state licensed and have practical field experience in the Real Estate Industry. We are dedicated teachers, providing the highest level of course instruction to enable students to reach their goal of obtaining a real estate sales associate’s license


Maria Campos

Teaches the 63 hour sales associate pre-licensing course in English language at Edgewater Real Estate Academy. She has a legal background in New York and Mexico in real estate transactions and corporate law. Her main activity In Florida is manager to a consulting firm that advises US individuals and companies into their businesses in ventures in Mexico and Latin-America and vice versa, some of those ventures being real estate transactions. She integrates teams with professionals from different jurisdictions.

She likes to teach the 63 hour pre-licensing course to help new comers, learn and understand the state required material and emphasize how important it is to have high standards of ethics and knowledge in the area of real estate to better serve people in need of a licensed real estate professional.

Carolina Pappe

Born in Venezuela, educated internationally, and with multi-national business experience, Ms. Pappe has a global perspective and experience that enables her to personally relate to and fluently communicate with diverse students. She takes pride in staying current with industry trends and conditions. After her many years in the real estate industry, Ms. Pappe wanted to utilize her knowledge and experience by opening Edgewater Real Estate Academy to help educate Florida’s future real estate professionals.

Marc Middleton

Marc Middleton

Marc is from Philadelphia, PA but spent most of his life in Orlando, FL. He had a Mortgage Broker's license. Marc obtained his real estate license in 2012. After a few years and a very good performance, Marc obtained his Real Estate Broker's license and started his own brokerage maintaining a very good performance in sales. After graduating with his Master's Degree in the Summer of 2016, Marc obtained his Instructor's license to teach new agents the FREC 1 Real Estate Course and hopefully help make them better agents....which this city could greatly benefit from!.



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