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Find out how to take our classroom courses for FREE. Please call our office on 305-330-5466 (conditions apply)

Detailed Class Schedule: Monday–Sunday from 9am-6pm
  • February 20 - February 26 2017 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre-Licensing |   Register Now! >>
Detailed Class Schedule: Monday–Sunday from 9am-6pm
  • March 20 - March 26 2017 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre-Licensing |   Register Now! >>
Detailed Class Schedule: Monday–Sunday from 9am-6pm
  • April 17 - April 23 2017 63 Hour Sales Associate Pre-Licensing |   Register Now! >>


Edgewater Real Estate Academy seeks to educate and help develop Florida’s current and future real estate professionals! The staff and instructors at Edgewater Real Estate Academy dedicate themselves to help provide only the highest quality education to our students. All of our staff and instructors are carefully chosen to ensure we provide our students professional instructors with industry experience and excellent presentation skills.We look forward to helping you kick-start and further your real estate career! Feel free to contact our office for more information on our courses and programs at (305)-330-5466.


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Find out what our past students have to say about our courses!

Beyond satisfactory

- Tina  De Lucia

I like that the instructor takes the time to explain everything when asking question and not pushing us when trying to understand. 

- Rose Widad

I like this class because the instructor always makes sure that we all understand the principle of everything. 

- Kimberly Pacring

Firsthand knowledge, great presentation, clearly presented and chocolates everyday!

-Travis Reed

When asked what I liked abut the class the most: The instructor.

- Rula Lufti

When asked what I liked abut the class the most: The class environment + enthusiasm of the instructor.

- Ivan Hagen

Great overall. Thank you!

- Felipe Barbosa

Everything was great! I learned everything I needed to pass

Highly recommended school. Carolina was so great

Great Instructor!

This academy is amazing: excellent teachers, VIP treatment (very small classes), great location, free parking, beautiful offices and classrooms, lowest price in the area, very friendly people. Another great aspect about this academy is that the registration fee includes the book !!! I recommend to register at least a two weeks before classes start and stop by to get the book to start reading before the beginning of the course. Believe me, it would make a huge difference. There is a lot of dense material to cover. If you do this, it would be MUCH easier to process all the information in such a short period. I highly recommend this Edgewater Real Estate Academy.

-- Aquiles Gatas

What an Amazing Experience I had taken the real estate course with Maria. The class was very small so we felt like we had VIP service. Maria is an excellent teacher, going through all the information with the class until we fully understood. If you are looking for a reliable, welcoming, and an amazing learning experience, then you have to try Edgewater Real Estate Academy.

-- Louie G.

I took Edgewater’s summer 3 week Frec I course and I would highly recommend it. Maria is an Excellent Caring Instructor. She explained the material very well and clear and made sure that everybody in the class understood everything. She made the class interesting & fun. At the end of he course we all felt sad that it had to end. But like anything you need to study and study & study. Passed the course test and state exam on first try. Thanks Edgewater and a special thanks to Maria.

--Allan B

Es la mayor escuela en la que he estado, el grupo humano que lo dirige es increíble. Muchas gracias a todos, especialmente a la directora: CAROLINA, LA MEJOR MAESTRA!!!

-- Claudia Conti

Thank you so much for your Help!

-- Charles Josset

Excellent! Thank you so much. Carolina you are the best teacher

-- Yuko Matsumoto

It was very good!! Thank you so much.

-- Frank Garot

Everything was perfect! Thank you Carolina for your school.

-- Melody Fronteri

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